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The War on White Australia A Case Study in - Game Five - Buried in Moscow - Game Six - The Comeback Begins - Game Seven - Canada Forces Decisive Game Eht - Game Eht - Henderson Has Scored For Canada! Czechoslovakia Witness To History: An Interview With A Canadian In Moscow - Joe Pelletier - "I was at game 5" An interview with Andrei Petrov - Joe Pelletier - Teaching Children About The Summit Series - Joe Pelletier - 1972 Summit Series - Krystal Yee - A Soviet View From 1972 - Vladimir Jurzinov (1972) - Swedish Review of Series - Ulf Jansson (1972) - The great mystery article - unknown - The 1972 Summit Series - Bruce Kish - They travelled to Moscow - Chris Thomas (1997) - Canadian Players Weren't Among All Time Best - Team Canada had 3 junior stars in camp Paul Henderson - Henderson was reluctant to join Team Canada - Paul Henderson's Team Canada Hangover - Henderson never tires talking about The Goal Miscellaneous - The Canadian jersey controversy - A photo history of the Canadian National Team jersey - Did Team Canada Save Pierre Trudeau? Results from the 2011 Australian Census reveal that, for the first time in that nation’s history, the majority of mrants are now arriving from Asia instead of.

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Extended Essay - How did the 1972 Summit Series affect. The 1972 Summit Series between national hockey teams from Canada and the USSR was the first time that Canadian professional hockey players faced the Soviet Union’s national team. Melanie Alexandra Ngai 003088-0019 Cold War during the 1970s How did the 1972 Summit Series affect International Relations between Canada and the.

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Re-examining the 1972 Summit Series - The Hockey Writers The 1972 Canada-Soviet Hockey Series was perhaps the most dramatic sports event in Canadian history. Brian Kennedy's compilation of essays on the 1972 Summit Series demands that the reader reconsider his or her understanding of the epic.

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